Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Madness!

I love summer in Portland...warm, green, lush and delicious. I was thinking of all the ways we can take summer in wherever we are: enjoy the outdoors, the water, the mountains, the desert. One of the things I love about the Northwest is that it is a year-round "outside" kind of place. Rain does not stop us in the winter from biking, hiking, and tromping around the art galleries. Summers are glorious...tons of live music in the parks and wineries, great cultural events, lots of things to do.

I was thinking we should find ways to indulge and pamper ourselves regardless of our climate or the time of year. I was recently inspired to create luscious summer scrubs and a new solid lotion bar to really enjoy either getting ready for the day, or to pamper and relax at the end. Starting with a fresh shower scrub and delicious juicy orange, grapefruit, lemon and botanical's just one of those things that make you glad to be alive! A small thing perhaps, but when life feels tough like it sometimes does, this is one thing we can each do to just take a few moments and enjoy the feel, the scent, the freshness. Follow up with a touch of a lotion bar...and you can launch into the day feeling like you are ready for anything!

Stay tuned...I'll be blogging about the rich butters and oils that I've found to have truly amazing effects on parched summer's been a rigorous learning curve!

Till next something great for yourself today!

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