Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Happy Mother's Day Gift!

I realize I haven't blogged for the longest time. One thing that has me absorbed is the discovery of a radical, earth-shattering scientific discovery in the Anti-Aging field. Do you believe it is possible to actually "de-age" your face and skin with only a topical application of a skin care product? Up till now, myself and any good dermatologist (of which I am NOT) that it really isn't possible. Skin care products can temporarily even out skin tone, or perhaps tighten a bit...but to actually turn back the clock? Erase wrinkles without Botox or fillers? Impossible you say! I said that too.


I've made a discovery that will in my opinion, set the bar for the Anti-Aging industry. My next blog will be to delve into this science in quite some'll want to stay tuned.

For now: It's a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY pamper her sale!! We have just begun a 50% off sale on all our organic skin care basics. Put a great spa package together for an unbelievable price. While these supplies last: