Monday, March 2, 2009

Remarkable Rhassoul

One of my favorite skin routines is an organic Rhassoul Clay Mask. Never heard of Rhassoul? Here is a bit about it: Rhassoul clay, found only deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, has been used for over 1,400 years as a natural beauty treatment for skin and hair-even nobles in ancient Rome and Egypt took advantage of this remarkable beautifying clay. To first look at this reddish-brown cosmetic clay you would not think it was anything spectacular, but looks can be deceiving.What Makes Rhassoul Clay Unique?This clay is a smectic (or swelling) clay, which means that it's extremely absorbent-much more so than other cosmetic clays. In fact, it's made up of three layers with a water layer sandwiched in between. This clay has a unique ability to absorb tremendous amounts of water, which makes it ideal for cleansing and detoxifying the skin.Further, Rhassoul clay contains higher percentages of silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other trace minerals than other clays. These minerals make the clay highly detoxifying as they can actually exchange themselves for toxic compounds like metals in the skin. So the clay not only works to remove impurities from your skin-it also replaces them with nourishing trace minerals. And, the clay's high level of ions exchange makes it ideal for toning and enriching the skin.But perhaps the best part about Rhassoul clay is what it doesn't contain: no petrochemical derivatives, no synthetic preservatives, no surfactants or artificial colors ... all of which are common in commercial soaps and cleansers.How is Rhassoul Clay Used?Rhassoul clay can be used as a soap, skin conditioner, shampoo or mask for the face and body. It acts like a soap but leaves a sweet scent behind. One note of caution here: if you use it in shampoos, it will strip your color. If your hair is not colored, it is tremendously clarifying.Two U.S. labs have conducted clinical studies on Rhassoul clay. After just a single use, users reported the following results in their skin:Less drynessLess flakinessImproved skin clarity, elasticity and firmnessImproved skin textureLess surface oilSmoother skinIn short, Rhassoul clay is a superior compound for removing oil and impurities from the skin and hair, and that's why top spas around the world offer beauty treatments that contain it.Here is the recipe I use: one part Rhassoul, one part Aloe Vera Juice, and add some avocado oil till you get the texture you like. Mix well, apply to clean face, and let dry. Remove with warm water and follow with your favorite moisturizer. I use my Regenerate Serum and my Anti-Oxidant Renewal Creme...and this combination makes my skin feel like it must have been when I was 6 months old! It is smooth, clear, plump and soft.Try'll be amazed!!

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