Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exfoliation: Anti-Aging Secret!

Exfoliation: Who needs it?

So who needs exfoliation? What is it and why should you care? Here is the real truth: everybody needs exfoliation - men and women, young and old, dry skin types, oily skin types - everyone.

Exfoliation - this is the one crucial skin care step that's most popularly underrated and underused. What is it exactly? It's the step between the cleanser and the toner. It's the one step that's so critical to beautiful skin that it's remarkable to see how often it's brushed aside or off altogether in skin care regimens. Although many people already know what this is or that it is a necessary cleansing step, exfoliation continues to get skipped. This is mostly true for men, who often believe skin care treatments are for women only. One advantage men have is that they shave their faces...thereby exfoliating in spite of themselves! Women, on the other hand, often skip this important step, reasoning it takes too much time, but this is a mistake. Exfoliation is a technique that can and should be used by both men and women at least every other day in order to maintain healthy, vibrant-looking skin. This is because daily, hourly, minutely, dead skin cells are accumulating on the epidermis (outermost layer of skin) which then causes the skin to become dull and thicken. But via exfoliation, whether you choose to use a gentle scrub, glycolic acid or a washcloth, those very same dead skin cells that form on the top layer of your skin are removed to reveal the glorious skin underneath. By removing dead and dry skin cells from the surface of your skin, it allows the growth of new moisturized cells to surface, creating a glowing look for your skin. Your routine can include a gentle scrub, or can be alternated with a glycolic acid mask or clay mask. The combination of both techniques can be most beneficial for keeping your skin clear, and smooth.

When selecting the right product remember that using the most gentle products available. You wouldn't take a scouring pad to your delicate face, nor should your products have harsh exfoliants. A good organic base with tea anti-oxidants and gentle jojoba beads might be a good choice. When using masques, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Glycolic acid is a remarkably effective product for the clearest smoothest skin, but this active ingredient also causes a higher sensitivity to the sun, so you have to be very careful by using sunscreen after using a glycolic acid product. When you look at clay masques, ingredients matter! Masques can be a very effective way of deep cleansing and exfoliating, especially if they contain Vitamin E, DMAE or other active ingredients known to produce spectacular results for skin clearing.

Exfoliation is a critically important step in any good skin care routine. Remember the other pillars of skin care: careful cleansing, proper moisture and SUNSCREEN always! If you combine these elements with a healthy diet, plenty of rest and water, and regular excercise, you will have glowing skin well into your later years, and you'll be glad you did!

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