Friday, February 25, 2011

Managing during the great recession: everyday pampering!

Anyone who is paying attention, can sense there is much turmoil, in our cities, our country and all over the world. When we contemplate the "big issues" of cash flow, debt and terrorism it is very easy to become overwhelmed. I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of suggestions to help us all cope with big change. Here are the things I think may help:

1. Pay attention to the basics: a clean diet, fresh air and excercise and SLEEP. These things we have in our control every day...and we must fight the impulse to load up on junk food, become sedentary and let insomnia steal our sanity. Think of your body as a machine...if you put continual demands on it without proper maintenance, what happens? I fight these battles every day, just like you. But stepping outside with a brisk walk (no matter the weather) preparing a good meal and healthy snacks and guarding my sleep has kept me sane. When so much in our world that stresses us is not in our direct's important to know these things we can control, and will benefit directly, daily from good practices here.

2. Unplug regularly. Everyone is working so hard these days out of necessity. But commit to at least one 24 hour period you are "off". No phones, no email, no bills, nothing but "me" time. What you do with that time will differ, but find that slot somewhere. It might be connecting with your important relationships, doing something creative, meditating or spiritual practice, socializing with people you love...but depriving yourself of a period of time to re-charge your inner self leads to burn out. I struggle with this one..but see that the weeks I get it done are WAY more productive than the weeks I don't do it.

3. Find small ways to pamper yourself: what do you absolutely love? I deal with the highly charged world of personal and business finances, so I learned these things by having to do them! I re-charge by making soap and luxurious bath products. I love the creativity, a complete departure from the demands of the day. It restores me in a way nothing else can. I'm a big believer in the power of soap! It's something we use every day, and it can be beautiful, artistic, colorful and fragrant. I look forward to my shower and using a "fancy" soap every day. It's an inexpensive way to feel luxurious and I take luxury seriously! Nothing relaxes me like a bath with a fragrant and moisturizing bath bomb, a luxury soap and then a follow up with a lotion bar. My skin never gets dry in the winter if I do this on a regular basis...and feeling good physically helps keep me upbeat mentally. Would love to hear your ideas on how you recharge, and how you pamper. What do you do to recharge, relax and restore?

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