Monday, June 22, 2009

What it really takes for success

I've been a life-long entrepreneur....and as much as anything I believe entrepreneur ism is about personal growth. I've seen over the years my relative success from year to year has more to do with how I'm developing myself, and less to do with economics, conditions or all the outside influences that can convince us that it is not a good time to be successful.

I started my financial advisory business out of a complete business failure in real estate. Back in the 80's when real estate was booming, it seemed like a good business to be in. The money was good, but I never loved it. When the first big economic collapse of California happened, I got caught in the massive implosion of that industry and I knew that more than anything I had to change...not conditions alone, but me.

I dug in and applied myself to the situation at hand. The first thing I did was go seek the advice of two respected mentors, who both, independently advised me that a career in financial services was the place to build long term stability. They were right. I also had to get up every single day and apply myself to re-train in this new profession. There were times I felt the task at hand would overwhelm me. I learned that I had to take one day and one step at a time. The slow, steady self-discipline and establishment of a disciplined work ethic is what pulled me out of that catastrophe, and set my course that did indeed, over time, give me the stable, meaningful career it has become.

This is what I've learned....when faced with great adversity, it is a challenge for us to look INWARD, not outward to see how we can think differently, tap our own resiliency and creativity, seek counsel from wise people, and get comfortable with change and living outside our comfort zone.

This is the formula I believe for matter what your job status is or station in life. We can rise to our circumstance... and find what we need. Those answers are not in looking for a person, the government, our illusions of the "secure" job to bail us out. Those answers exist eternally right inside your own heart and intuition. Times of great crisis are our best opportunities to find our strengths, then apply them in a new direction.

Here's to your success! Find your passion, learn new skills, and be willing to be coach able by those who have gone before you. You success is guaranteed if you will. The biggest foe we face is our own negative self-image and thinking. Believe you can, or believe you can't...either way, you'll be right.

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