Saturday, August 22, 2009

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise....

I've been developing a new program with a new friend I met not long ago, and we've been discussing all the things that make us feel healthy, wealthy and wise. As a financial advisor by trade, and a skin care expert by passion, I've given these somewhat esoteric issues a great deal of thought!

This week, my husband had an unexpected total hip replacement. Although we expect a fabulous outcome for him, it is a very major surgery and a rough recovery, at least for a couple weeks. I've been keenly aware of what makes me feel "wealthy"...even in the face of a family stress time and being off work for a couple weeks: wealthy to me means all the things you can NOT buy with money: family, relationships, comfort, health, freedom. This is true I spend some time each day just in gratitude for what I have.

Healthy has been in our minds a lot too, lately. My husband received the absolute best of care while in the hospital from compassionate, knowlegeable, competent nurses, surgeons, and staff. I was so appreciative to them...and as I headed home each evening to try to get some sleep myself, I was confident he was in good hands. To show them my appreciation, I made about ten gift bags of Organic, Anti-Aging skin care samples and creamy goat soap from my line. One of the greatest pleasures I have in doing PureBliss Essentials business is the ability to gift: often, and abundantly. The ability to give things most people really like, makes me feel both healthy and wealthy!

And wise....what makes us feel like we have wisdom? Those flashes of insight that come spontaneously, often when we least expect it. I have these often, and in fact, I see my own intuition as my "guiding force" in everything in life. That gut instinct helps me navigate every situation, and make decisions that are never wrong, when I follow it. This has served me well in business: in the financial realm, there are clients I won't work with: when my "gut" tells me they are irrational, unreasonable or trouble. There is great freedom in this, to trust my own instincts. Wisdom also shown this week when I realized that all of us are human...and each of us seeks many of the same things: kindness, thoughtfulness, humor and compassion. At the end of the day, if I can look back on my life and feel it was full of wisdom and compassion, I will know I've lived my best life.

What makes you feel healthy, wealthy or wise?

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